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Perchè investire in Puglia

di Amministratore on 10/05/2019
Perchè investire in Puglia

Puglia is a treasure trove of arthistory, and nature. A land of sun and hospitality, it’s located on a strip of land in southeastern Italy, in a strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean. Centuries of history and a range of charming landscapes are just some of the reasons why it’s such a unique destination, one where you’ll enjoy some truly unforgettable experiences.
Puglia, with its 800 km (500 miles) of coastline, is hugged by two incredible seas. The Ionian and the Adriatic have crafted a variety of different shores, with steep cliffs overlooking colorful sea bottoms and golden beaches sloping into crystal clear waters. Inland, the uncontaminated realm of naturecomprises great valleys and gentle hills covered with olive trees, vineyards, and luxuriant forests, as well as some surprising Mediterranean gravine (ravines).

From the Ancient Greeks to the Romans, from the Byzantines to the Normans, and from the Swabians to the Angevins, many civilizations have followed one another in ruling Puglia. Over the years, numerous archaeological excavations have brought back to light priceless artifacts and works of art and architecture testifying to the history and wide-ranging cultures of the different societies that were once here. And so you’ll find menhirs, cave churches, medieval castles, Baroque and Romanesque churches, noble palaces and historical residences, enchanted hamlets and art cities, charming masserie (manor farms) and casali (rural homes).

An extraordinary legacy, including four exceptional UNESCO World Heritage SitesCastel del Monte, the mysterious fortress of Emperor Frederick II, near Andria; the Trulli in Alberobello, unique dry-stone dwellings; the San Michele Arcangelo Sanctuary in Monte Sant’Angelo, a masterpiece of medieval art, and international pilgrimage destination; the Foresta Umbra Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests, at the heart of Gargano National Park; the Art of dry-stone walling, named World’s intangible heritage in 2018.

Puglia is shrouded in a magical atmosphere, where the past embraces the present, and where ancient religious and popular traditions are safeguarded. Towns and cities come to life with thousands of lights, colors, sounds, as they commemorate their devotion to patron saints with lively celebrations and festivities. In Puglia, ancient customs are perpetuated through rituals related to harvests and fishing, and the work of master craftsmen.

A wide variety of cultural resources exist in the region. These include museums and art galleries, libraries, a circuit of castles and fortifications (coastal towers, palaces and grand residences; churches, and various ‘Cities of Art’, numerous archaeological sites and parks (e.g. Lucera and Egnazia). Puglia also already hosts many different events which are designed to enhance the historical and cultural traditions of the region. These include the Carnival at Putignano, the Daunia Carnival, the Night of the Taranta.

Puglia is considered the most dynamic region in Southern Italy. It has also recently exhibited a positive interactionbetween its traditional historical productive sectors and modern innovation and technology.

As a result, it has attained a reasonable level of expertise and development in many of its key economic sectors. In recent years Puglia has acquired an important position as a tourist destination not only for ‘classical’ domestic tourist inflows, but also for international tourists. Between 2013 and 2018 an increase of 17.8 percentage points in the total numbers of tourists staying (in terms of arrivals at tourist accommodation facilities) per 1,000 inhabitants was registered. The figure is more than triple of the value registered for Italy as a whole, and it is even above to the EU-28 average for the same period.

Puglia. Authenic and modern.

Puglia is a welcoming, creative, sustainable and dynamic land, with an increasing international status.

Puglia offers an incredible mix of ancient crafts, modern manufacturing industries, authentic Italian style and unrivalled quality, with an inborn inclination towards technological innovation, green economy and creative industries.

Puglia lifestyle: the walfare as a value

The lifestyle of a territory will affect your investment as an added value. In Puglia, the quality of life entices and enchants, something that has turned the region into an international holiday destination.

Today Puglia is a cool location for weddings, Vip travel, and for high-level business events. The property market has recorded a strong demand from a growing number of people who decide to move here from every corner of the world, or want to buy a masseria or an historic home in Puglia.

Top of the minds
 among the Italian holiday destinations in 2015*
Brand association: welcoming, beautiful, authentic, cool, eco-friendly*
About 300 international film production companies have chosen Puglia as a shooting location over the last 9 years.
*Survey by SWG 2015 in France, UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands.

Puglia is attractive
It is oriented towards sustainable rather than mass tourism, despite welcoming more than 13 million tourists every year.
It is the Italian leader for incoming tourism: +9.2% in 2014 (Pugliapromozione statistics), compared to Italy -0.1%.
Together with Tuscany, Puglia is the top destination for high-level events: VIP weddings (Justin Timberlake, members of the British royal family, the main markets of India and the United Arab Emirates) and incentive business events (masserie and trulli among the most preferred locations).

National Geographic One of the top word destination for 2014.
Lonely Planet Puglia is one of the best value travel destinations in the world for 2014, a real queen properly crowned.
New York Times Italy’s Magical Puglia Region.
Huffington Post US It is one of the 15 places in the world to go to before they get famous and crowded.
Lifestyle Woman It is a journey for all senses.
Jetwings International Puglia is one of the lands that better keep their secrets and where nothing is more naturally Italian… a real paradise.
The Guardian Uncontaminated Italy.
Il Sole 24 Ore The entrepreneurs see Puglia as a more favourable context for their investments, in comparison to the other regions of southern Italy.
Banca d’Italia Apulian teachers are better rated in comparison to the average level in southern Italy.
Report Rai Tre, Milena Gabanelli Who could ever have thought that the system which has completely revolutionized the diesel engine the world over, the common rail system, was born in the little Apulian town of Modugno.

Puglia’s future is smart

For those who want to invest in Puglia in the near future, the new funding programme for the 2014-2020 period has already earmarked a significant sum of EU funds for business investments, amounting to a total of 2.447 billion euros, representing 44.36% of the overall funds available through the Puglia Regional Operational Program.



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Dipartimento Sviluppo Economico, Innovazione, Istruzione, Formazione e Lavoro  

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